2015. szeptember 17., csütörtök

Superhero team visited Albertirsa

Where the Gödöllő-ceglédbercel hills become gentle slopes
and melt into the flat land of the Hungarian plains, near the green meadows and
the Gerje creek you can find Albertirsa, a small town with 13.000 inhabitants,
lying low in the region.

Four church towers emerge among the houses,
three can be found in the south-east part of the town in each other"s
neighbourhood and fourth is in the north-west part trying to recall the past.
sets out with her escorts to turn back time and recall the past of Albertirsa.

ALbertirsa is two neighbouring villages with great historical traditions:
Alberti and Irsa uniting in 1950.

The meaning of Alberti is Albert's, in the possession
of Albert. The name Irsa is of Slavonic origin, the ancient SLavonic word:
jelsa, olsa means alder.

The town has a rich past, there used to be a very eventful community life.
After a tiring journey, Borika's friends
watch over her dreams.

Super Hiro Team

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