2015. szeptember 26., szombat

Style is all about you

Style is all about you.
Talking about cosplay costume, earrings, necklace or cute dolls for your cozy bedroom - free your mind and let's get fancy!

OOAK Bead Embroidered Owl Necklace. Absolutely individual, fancy, OOAK piece.

Frozen inspired doll. This Snow Sister from Frozen Kingdom wants to be your best friend as you explore far away kingdoms together! With her beautiful hand embroided face and shimmering cloak, she loves when you play with her.

OOAK - Fancy 925 sterling silver earrings. Real dried rose buds cast in glass like eco-friendly resin.
The orbs hang on a long sterling silver wires. The cap is also sterling silver.


 Each mask has a soft cotton lining on the inside for comfort and they are sewn along the edges and down the middle of the mask for a smooth looking finish.

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