2015. szeptember 18., péntek

Baby on board

Beautiful baby gifts from Etsy artisans. Perfect for babyshower. Every new mommy and daddy would love it!

Baby Girl Personalized Layette Gown Gift Set from Cindy. Set include a Monogrammed layette gown with mitten cuffs and a Shabby Flower headband

Cute, hand crocheted little booties from Betsy. Available in many colours.

 Lovely Cloud Pillow Set from Éva. Perfect addition to any nursery or child's room.

Soft lovey blanket doll by Irene. This shape is the most appropriate for a newborn.

 Personalized Felt Pram ornament by Judit. Cute and unique baby shower gift.

  Adorable Crochet Owl Baby Blanket from Marianna, made from excellent quality baby acril yarn.

 Knitting Baby Hat Pattern from Elena. You get it with a step by step description and many photos.

 Unique Printable baby shower invitation by Lulu.

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