2016. február 29., hétfő

Beautiful one-of-a-kind fashion jewelry

Today I've brought you a beautiful piece of jewelry.. It is amazing, isn't it?
Beautiful colors, amazing shapes, perfect work
from  Csilla's shop:

Beautiful one-of-a-kind seed bead earrings.
Absolute unique, eye-catching shape and design, with a wonderful combination of silver seed beads and dagger:

2016. február 24., szerda

Keep calm and listen to the music

Woodissimo's music boxes suitable for Christmas, birthdays, weddings and any other occasion, decorated with ornaments, from beech wood in natural or mahogany / walnut finish (a few other colors).

Music box

Spring fairies

I hope spring is coming soon!
Maybe these lovely waldorf inspired dolls can bring it to us!

More beautiful dolls, butterflies and fairies:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/beelicia


2016. február 22., hétfő

Sexy Burlesque Lingerie Sets

If you love special handmade lingerie, you have found the right place!
Here you will find different types of panties like high waisted panties, bikini panties and boyshort, too. Or you can choose a triangle bra, Bustier or push-up bra as well.
There are also tops and the range is constantly

The Cocoon symbolizes the exciting and contiguous changes of women. She tried to keep the classic lines while experimenting with modern and more interesting looks.

 In her products you can find delicacy and playfulness such as hot colours and comfortable shapes.

2016. február 19., péntek

Beautiful bead work from a marvellous Hungarian crafter. A real treasure waiting for you. Come and take look at a beautiful shop full of magic and breathtaking items.


2016. február 15., hétfő

Amazing Waldorf Dolls

Waldorf dolls got their start in Waldorf education and have made
a splash worldwide for parents looking for quality handmade toys
for their kids. Instead of being mass-produced,
these dolls are lovingly handmade by one or more skilled artisans,
often of natural or organic materials.

Amazing Waldorf doll from Katica's shop:

2016. február 13., szombat

2016. február 8., hétfő

Amazing Statement Fashion Jewelry

Charming charlie offers a fashionable variety of copper, silver & colored statement necklaces to help tie together any look! Shop your favorite pieces, here.

Wire jewelry contemporary statement mirror necklace

Copper wire earrings, exciting and very dinamic.

2016. február 4., csütörtök

Bright and happy nursery

If you would like an airy and bright nursery start it with neutral colors (walls, rug, curtain, furniture etc.) and after these decorate it some happy colors for like these pretty felted animal ornaments!
You will get a bright and happy nursery not a crazy and crowded one.

 Grabacoffee's shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/grabacoffee

2016. február 1., hétfő

Valentine's day gift for Kids

Even if it's not typically your thing to celebrate February 14, vow to do a little something extra special for the little ones in your life.

Teddy bear in superhero costume

This lovely dress up teddy is a soft and huggable companion that makes a lifelong friend.

The superhero bear with heart design comes with:

- superhero mask

- supersonic double sided cape

- polka dot skirt

lRed heart with key - key of my home or heart - felt ornament. 

It's a perfect gift to Valentine's day

Waldorf pocket doll for babies and toddlers. Perfect Valentine's
gift for little girls.

This adorable cat makes the perfect addition to any nursery or
child's room. Made of  plush, this is completely hug friendly.
Also makes a wonderful gift for a little boy or girl!

Cute Cat Sterling Silver Earrings and Pendant

Cat Collection 2016. New Designs - Factory Prices

They have been carefully crafted using Sterling Silver wire and come with Sterling Silver stoppers as shown. 

Perfect for everyday wear.