2016. október 20., csütörtök

Hey Beaders, Find Your Next Project at Tiszi's

Tiszi sells original patterns and tutorials for beaded jewelry. With  a very delicate style and great composition skills Tiszi creates stunning beaded beads, pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets. When you buy a pattern you will be able to recreate her most amazing designs!

One of our favorites is this beaded flower pendant, which reminds us of a gorgeous rose window.

Browse Tiszi's other flower patterns too, there are simpler ones as well, if you are more on the beginner side.

We also love this modern beaded cube bead, not only beacuse the candy colors are close to our heart, but because it's just wow! It's an incredible design!

Tiszi doesn't only sell patterns, but beaded jewellery as well - this necklace with a diamond shaped beaded bead and a tassel would be fabulous for our autumn wardrobe!

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