2016. szeptember 26., hétfő

Rustic Copper Jewelry by Vera Nasfa

Combining wire wrapping and traditional metalsmithing techniques, Vera Násfa Jewelry creates beautiful jewelry using copper, beads and semi precious stones.

From bohemian floral pieces, to delicate wirework and rustic minimalist items, her range offers everyone something to love.

One of our favourites is this red carnelian pendant, a great choice for autumn!

If you are a ring person, we highly recommend this teal cabochon ring, surely a statement piece, and  it will be custom sized to fit you.

This hand-pierced horse shoe necklace with custom stamping make a perfect unisex gift for anyone who loves equestrian style.

Finally, these angel wing pendants are quite cute and seem just about the right choice for your loved ones,let it be your daughter, grandchildren, mum, cousin or friend. There's a great choice of colours, too!

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