2016. március 30., szerda

Rustic Wedding

Rustic wedding ideas and inspiration. Look to plan a rustic wedding?

Check out our rustic wedding ideas on decor.

This shabby chic flower cone  for country style weddings, would be

 a simple, yet beautiful piece of a church or a hall where the reception

is held.

This set of fabric hearts can make a beautiful addition to your 

rustic style wedding. I used linen, lace, twine and pearl to embellish

 them, still they make a simple, yet, lovely decoration.

This pillow is on stock, but if you have something similar in mind,

but not exactly the same as this, just tell me and we can work on

your ideas together.  MelindasSewingCorner

It is always a pleasure and an exciting challenge

to make dreams come true!

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