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The Superhero Team visited Tokaj

A warm welcome to our dear visitors! 

Within the summer campaign of the Hungarian Etsy Team:
" Come to a roundtrip in Hungary " 
with Etsy sellers, we will introduce the most famous sights of Hungary and of course our sellers' items will be presented  in the photos as well. 

The first stop is in Tokaj. 

The photos were taken by: Customquiltsbyeva

This weekend is all about Tokaj, Hungary historical vine-region, which part of the UNESCO World Heritage program since 2002.

The symbol and center of this region is the Tokaj The vine produced here is so famous, that Tokaj-region has become one of the symbol of Hungary as well.
The city has centuries old wine making traditions, unique architectural heritage and carries on many local traditions.

They have several unique, delicious wine here, in this amazing county. 

There're wines with mineral notes, because the special soil of the hill-side, with lower acidity, so the wine nice and soft, full with sweet, fruity taste. The most famous wine type is the "aszu".

They're saying that the Tokaj wine is the king of wines and the wine of kings. This delicious Hungarian wine specialty is surely the best of all Hungarian premier wine varieties, and it is true, that this wine was the big Hungarian and Italian kings favorite bottle of wine on the table.

The noble wine has a very particular taste, what reminds you of the fresh bread taste, characterized by a nice, clear, golden yellow color and relatively high alcohol content, its alcohol content is typically 14%.

Tokaj-region has a special micro climate, thanks for the surrounding rivers -Bodrog, Tisza. Lot's of festivals are taking place here around the Tisza-port.

 The summer season is very busy, big tourist attraction.

There's no need to advertising the goods, if it has such a good quality, but there's plenty of wine-house offer free taste of the wine of the kings, following a lovely traditional dinner of course.
We've also seen a Gönczy-winery, a traditional family wine-house. 

The owner was an amazing host, great story teller about the wine-making. We had a taste of the world-famous sweet, topaz-colored wine known throughout the English-speaking world as Tokay. Thank you for the lovely day, wine and food! We had a great day in Tokaj!

Super Hiro Team
Superhero doll: La Loba
Hercules the Superhero Dog Backpack: Customquiltsbyeva
Clutch: Monalinebags
Travel bag: BYildi
Crocheted belt: HEraMade - HEra textil art
Adrian, felt bear (tiny teddy): Grab a Coffee
Felt superhero keyring Pretty felt things
If you around, don't forget to see the Gönczy-winery here more info Gönczy Pince

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